Microsoft releases Windows 10 IoT Core Build 10531

Just yesterday, Microsoft introduced a new Windows 10 IoT Starter Pack, allowing developers to quickly get started on a new project. Alongside the new Starter Pack, Microsoft quietly released a new Windows 10 IoT Core build for Insiders.
The software giant released Build 10531 (10531.0.150820-1710.TH2_RELEASE) to Insiders, which brings a couple of new improvements. Here’s what’s new:
  • Web Server (WebB) additional features (Change computer name, change password, start processess)
  • Secure boot has been enabled
  • An improved Node.Js expereince including: a unified installer for all required components, support for Serial library, and support for Cylon library with a new Cylon project template.
  • Expanded compatibility with pure python libraries
  • Support for popular PWM and ADC external chips through the easy to use in-box APIs via ADC and PWM providers on Github:
  • Updated base OS build
  • Bug Fixes
If you want to download build 10531, you can get it from the Windows Dev Center here.

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